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John Busey Wood has conducted commercial arbitrations as both a sole arbitrator and as a member of panels of arbitrators for approximately 30 years. Mr. Wood has experience conducting arbitrations in the following areas:

1. Determinations of ownership, partnership and windup of commercial real estate property entities and interests as well as dissolution, wind-up, partition and sale.

2. Determinations of value and applications of appraisals to capital basis of interests in commercial property ownership entities as well as wind-up and distributions.

3. Determinations of disputes in complex commercial brokerage national and international agency relationships and enforcement of duties and payments thereunder, including determinations with respect to "commissionability, procurement, survival of employment and prevailing rates determinations.

4. Determinations of large space and ground lease disputes on a broad range of issues, including rentals, escalations, options, renewals, fair market determinations, alterations, tenant work allowances, delivery conditions and compliance with law issues.

5. Complex construction contracting and resulting disputes.

Mr. Wood conducted "on site - real time" daily arbitrations as a sole arbitrator of ground lease fast track base building re-construction disputes and renovations of what is commonly considered the largest size (2 million square feet) and cash flow volume reconstruction project in the history of the City of New York with ground lease rentals, re-construction costs and construction lending cash flows in excess of $6.8 Billion and spanning a period of 16 months of weekly and for large periods, daily, on site hearings consisting of expert testimony of general contractors, major trade contractors, mechanical, electrical and structural engineers, communications consultants and architects.

Mr. Wood offers his arbitration services solely through the American Arbitration Association where he is a National Neutral - Commercial Panelist-Arbitrator and currently co-chairs the rule making National Dispute Resolution Committee.